Cardio Kickboxing

Are you looking to get in shape, there's no better way than to do it with our Cardio Kickboxing program. Kickboxing offers a combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics. This program is an intense total body work out. These fast paced exercise routines will strengthen your body, relieve stress and help you focus your mind all while increasing your cardio ability and endurance.

Why cardio kickboxking?

Kickboxing isn't just a workout to lose weight. Many MMA fighters include this in their workout routine for the following reasons.

  • Hitting and kicking will help you build strengths in your arms, legs and core.
  • MMA is a physically demanding sport and requires a high endurance level.
  • Improve your sense of balance.
  • Enhance your mental acuity so you can remain focused at all times.
  • Build your coordination, learn to be aware of your position at all times.
  • Burn maximum calories per class for an effective fat reducing workout.

Are you ready to take the first step to a healthier and more confident you? Give us a call or stop by today to learn more and take a tour of our facility.